Fall 2014: “Life as Fashion. Fashion as Life.”

How we dress… an integral part of how we live and all we do. For Fall ’14, we meditate themes that integrate fashion with our natural world… as well as “The Power of Style” and its influence on how we experience life. We also invite you to stay tuned for the highly-anticipated online extension of our stores… “Click and Shop,” coming late fall!
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Fall 2014: “M Lifestyle” Magazine

Our stores are abuzz with news for fall… new designers including Herno outerwear, Edie Parker clutches, Mother Denim, D-Exterior and Anya Hindemarch handbags… full-blown Bogner trunk shows for men and women and more! Packing for fall jaunts has never been easier, with the arrival of M-Pix… And the countdown is on until the launch of our new online shopping experience, slated for late fall… “E-Commerce With Our Own Signature Twist!”
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Spring 2014: “Expressions of Style”

Set against a striking palette of exquisite Spring ’14 offerings,
some of the top writers, thinkers and style makers of the ages share their words on what fashion means in their lives. Our stellar rosters of designers present a season that is more than quotation-worthy!
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Spring 2014: “M Lifestyle” Magazine

Exciting changes are in store! Aside from the spectacular Spring designer creations arriving fresh daily, we are rolling out an exciting new program, called M-Pix, which will allow you to receive wardrobe suggestions and gain immediate access to the collective inventory of all five of our stores!
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Jewelry 2013

At Mitchells Family of Stores, we think of the exquisite collections
of fine jewelry you see in our stores as an “everyday exhibition.”
Here meet the artists behind some of the greatest masterpieces
in designer jewelry today….
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Holiday/Resort 2013

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time to dress up with added sparkle. A time to honor loved ones with gifts of style. Come in and discover an array of gifts sure to please even the trickiest on your list…
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Fall 2013: “Articulate Dressing”

This Fall, follow us “Into the Woods” to explore some of the
season’s exciting new looks and luxurious textures. Also discover
what’s new in jewelry, enjoy revealing designer interviews
and meet the “Class of 2013!”
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Fall 2013: “M Lifestyle” Magazine

If clothes could talk, they would speak volumes, sending messages that affect your life, business and relationships. This season, we encourage you to explore your voice through fashion…
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March 2013: “New Store-Within-A-Store”

Welcome to SWS.. where our goal is to provide you with an inspirational setting to expand YOUR collections. We’ve provided you with the variety to make it PERSONAL.From designers including Rag & Bone, Proenza Schouler, Alexander McQueen, The Row, Céline, Jbrand, Reed Krakoff, Helmut Lang and lots more! Come play! Click to view

Spring 2013: “M Lifestyle” Magazine

Discover “26 Shades of Blue” the “New Luxury Casual” and some
“Wonders of Nature!” Celebrate the year’s most enchanted season with some of the world’s most sought-after new fashions…
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Spring 2013: “Spring Magic”

Spring… it’s the season of rebirth, regrowth and fresh beginnings.
As the world around us comes to life, come out of your own
hibernation and discover the season’s magical fashions…
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Oct/Nov 2012: M “Buzz” No. 6

Find out how our buyers actually shop the runways and showrooms with you in mind, be wowed by the bold “anything goes” attitude for Resort and discover 5 brand new jewelry lines! Plus… our buyers give you a sneak peak at Spring, with “Tweets from Fashion Week!”
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Fall 2012: “M Lifestyle” Magazine

This issue celebrates the warm textures of fall in “A Change of Seasons,” has you “Fall Under a Spell” with some of the most sophisticated new women’s fashions and answers the question “Why Custom?” Plus… “Friends & Trends,” Happenings and more! Click to view

Fall 2012: “City Home/Country Home”

It’s always been important to us that we make our customers feel at home. This season, in celebration of the exciting renovations of our West Coast homes, we’ve set fall’s finest fashions against a great country home and a chic urban townhouse… Click to view

Fall 2012 Jewelry: “Elements of Nature”

The great gifts of the earth, interpreted by the world’s most gifted designers… Discover how talented designers take Nature’s most precious offerings and transform them into unexpected and breathtaking
works of fine art!
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June/July 2012: M “Buzz” No. 5

Come behind the scenes with buyers Lauren and Angela as they give you a taste of Pre-Fall, fresh off the runway and introduce Alexander McQueen to our stores! Also check out our new Bangle Bar and photos of some recent events…
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Spring 2012: “M Lifestyle” Magazine

Springtime is about good times! Come take a walk in the “Walled City.” Discover the “Jewels of Springtime.” See what our Specialists pick as their favorite new trends. And find out why the jacket is the key to the well-dressed man…
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Spring 2012: “1001 Stories | to enchant, amuse & inspire…”

As we continue our quest for stories, this season, we chose a land of “1001 stories” to showcase our Spring collections! The open markets, beguiling deserts and walled cities of Morocco provide the perfect backdrop for the season’s enchanting looks and sweet and spicy colors…
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February 2012: M “Buzz” No. 3

Love is in the air at the Mitchells Family of Stores! Get great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day and see what’s “Hot off the Runway” in our exciting Spring Preview, featuring new designers T by Alexander Wang, Kelly Wearstler and many more…
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Holiday 2011: M “Buzz” No. 2

Catch the “buzz” from Mitchells Family of Stores!
See the latest and greatest on Black Diamonds, “happenings,”
Oscar de la Renta Furs, fun gift ideas and events for the holiday season…
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Holiday/Resort 2011

Memories of Holidays Past… filled with family visits and unforgettable gifts, bring out the nostalgia in all of us! This season our stores are filled with a magical selection of gifts, party attire and resort wear and some of our associates share their favorite holiday stories…
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Fall 2011 Jewelry: “Girls Love…”

Girl LOVE our magnificent designer jewelry collections! Check out these new arrivals from the carefully selected group of designers that we believe are creating the most iconic designs in the world today…
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Fall 2011: M “Buzz” Premiere Issue

Catch the “buzz” from Mitchells Family of Stores!
See the latest and greatest on “happenings,” buyer’s notes
on the newest runway trends, fabulous resort arrivals and more…
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Fall 2011: “Stories: Faraway/Close to Home”

We love a great story! To celebrate this passion, we showcase our magnificent Fall Collections with Ireland, a country known for its wonderful lore and legends, as our backdrop. Also featured are some of our favorite stories we’ve collected throughout the years… Click to view | Click to download PDF

Fall 2011: “M Lifestyle” Magazine

Fall is in the air! And with it lots of great fabrics, textures and designs to explore! Catch up on store happenings and “Friends & Trends,” discover must-have Basics and find out why “The Richest Looks are Seasonal” and “Style Matters!” Click to view | Click to download PDF

Spring 2011: “Our Diamonds!”

Diamonds at a clothing store? Or is clothing at a diamond store? Discover how Mitchells/Richards offers the expertise, selection and value that’s making it our customers’ “go-to source” for diamond and fine jewelry! Click to view | Click to download PDF

Spring 2011: “M Lifestyle” Magazine

The season, the buzzword is “fun!” Catch up on our latest events, let our associates show you what’s new in “Friends & Trends” and see our stunning fashion “Retrospective!” In a new larger size, M Lifestyle features more fashion, friends and fun than ever! Click to view | Click to download PDF

Spring 2011: “Fashion Gallery”

Join us for some fun, as we take you on a “Spring Jaunt,” featuring some of our most fashionable new arrivals! Crisp whites, sheer layers, vibrant colors and suits that travel well are some of the season’s most sought after looks…
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Holiday/Resort 2010

This holiday season, we have a magnificent selection of gifs for everyone on your list – ranging from socks and sweaters to diamonds and pearls! Also, come see our “must have” party attire, stunning resort wear… and don’t forget to bring the little ones to visit Santa! Click to view | Click to download PDF

“Designer Jewelry Collections”

The Mitchells Family of Stores works with many of the finest jewelry designers in the world today – and we offer some of the most extensive selections you’ll find, including many one-of-a-kind pieces. Here, we invite you to get to know the designers, their work and their inspiration a bit better…
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Fall 2010: “A Tale of 2 Coasts”

Since Wilkes Bashford joined our family of stores, we’ve lost our hearts to San Francisco! Celebrating the many similarities between the Bay Area and the “Sound Area” that connects our stores, see our spectacular new Fall fashions, set amidst the backdrop of our stunning “Sister Coast”…
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Fall 2010: “M Lifestyle” Magazine

Our Magazine has a new look and a new name… introducing “M Lifestyle” Magazine! In our premiere issue, we celebrate new additions to our Family of stores, the “Uncommon Loyalty” of our associates and introduce lots of great Fall Fashions, including the hottest jewelry trends, day and nighttime looks, and lots more… Click to view | Click to download PDF

Fall 2010: “Approachable Style”

Cozy oversized sweaters. Unstructured sport jackets. Motorcyle boots and jackets. Coats and cashmeres… We’ve stocked up our stores with lots of exciting new fashions at a wide array of price points! Come in for a latte and see what’s brewing for Fall…
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Spring 2010: “Forum Magazine”

We are seeing a great resilience and optimism as we enter a new decade. This season’s Forum Magazine celebrates our acquisition of Wilkes Bashford, features exciting new products at a wide array of price points and introduces “Friends & Trends,” in which some of your favorite associates discuss what’s hot for Spring… Click to view | Click to download PDF

The New Fit… for Tailored & Casual

Designed to flatter all body types, the new slimmer silhouette is here to stay. “Following suit” as it has historically… the new fit has more recently trickled down to casual wear, which is still relaxed and cozy, but more fitted and sexier than ever before… Click to view| Click to download PDF

Spring 2010: “An American Journey”

As we enter a new decade and a new era “there is a rare strength in the American spirit that is exhilarating to witness… and to be a part of.” This Spring, with America’s Old West as a stunning backdrop, we celebrate themes such as “the spirit of resilience” as well as our own personal “American Journey” to the West, with our recent acquisition of Wilkes Bashford stores… Click to view | Click to download PDF

Spring 2010: “Approachable Style”

“Spring is in the air” and this season’s New York Times Insert features “Fashions that are fun… Not overly serious.” Explore an exciting selection of bold, yet timeless fashions, ranging from the very casual to ‘all dressed’ up at a wide array of price points. Come in for a latté and see what’s new for Spring! Click to view | Click to download PDF

Holiday/Resort 2009

The holidays are our favorite time of year! Check out our “Simple Guidelines for Living, Giving & Celebrating this Holiday Season” featuring inspired gift ideas ranging from fabulous socks to diamond jewelry, fun party wear and colorful clothes and accessories for your winter vacations… Click to view | Click to download PDF

Fine & Designer Jewelry:
“52 Ways to Celebrate Life & Love”

Our new jewelry collections include some of the most exquisite creations of some of the world’s top designers… And thanks to our certified gemologists and impeccable standards for quality, our stores are also increasingly becoming our customers’ “go to” place for fine jewelry and benchmark pieces… Click to view | Click to download PDF

Fall 2009: “Keeping It Local”

Endlessly in awe of our magnificent surroundings, this Fall we pay homage to the beauty that lies in and around our own towns. Nostalgic for “all things local,” with a collective desire to stay closer to home, we celebrate life’s local pleasures… a beautiful horse farm…. a corner candy store… a museum in the woods. Click to view | Click to download PDF

Fall 2009: “Quality… Can Be Surprisingly Affordable”

Today, customers are a lot more selective about what they buy and are making more carefully thought-out choices. To satisfy your needs, we have been working with designers to assemble spectacular new Fall collections at a wider array of prices. One thing that will never change is our commitment to offering items of impeccable quality. Click to view | Click to download PDF

Fall 2009: Forum Magazine

Despite today’s challenging economy, it remains our philosophy that if done wisely, buying quality is an investment that adds real value to our lives. This issue takes a look at the efforts we’re making to introduce some new well-priced designers and expand price points within the lines of existing designers, while maintaining the highest standards of quality for which we are known. Click to view | Click to download PDF

The New Fit

From head to toe… a new, more flattering silhouette has been reshaping the look of men’s clothing. Whether your personal style is modern or classic, trendy or traditional… today’s properly fitted suits start with a slimmer silhouette. Mitchells and Zegna present an essential guide to “the new fit” that offers all you need to know to embrace today’s effortlessly stylish new fit. Click to view | Click to download PDF

Spring 2009: “Time for a Fresh Start”

A time to look at what really matters… Today, people are staying closer to home. Lending a hand to the community. Rekindling relationships.
Today, it’s important to look one’s best — but we must do so more thoughtfully — with an understated elegance, valuing quality over quantity. Click to view | Click to download PDF

Fall 2008: “50 Years of Hugs”

Hug? It’s a promise to have your suit ready by the weekend. It’s opening the store after hours when you need us. It’s even the occasional house call. It’s a hot cappuccino when you walk in. A place where everyone knows your name. It’s — we hope — more than a shopping stop, but a shopping experience. Click to view | Click to download PDF